Separation Anxiety

Homeopathy is such a valuable tool when we are looking to help our little ones with separation anxiety or anxiety in general. The world is a big and scary place for sensitive children who have fears especially if they have not yet learned to express those fears. Luckily even without expressing fears in a verbal form homeopathy can look at their behavior and prescribe on that. 


There are so many remedies that can be used in treating anxiety. Working with your homeopath to find the most suitable remedy for your little one is key. Results can be overnight with the right prescription. I’ve treated a beautiful 2yr old girl who would cling to her moms leg each and every morning when she would drop her to Creche. There would be so many tears from both the little girl and mom. On this occasion I prescribed the homeopathic remedy  Pulsatilla to both mom and toddler. The next morning while dropping off they both looked at each other for an extra moment but were able to say goodbye and give an extra long hug without the heavy emotion. It was a healthier expression of the emotion as the remedy had eased the heaviness they were both clearly carrying. 


Some remedies that help with anxiety – 


Pulsatilla: This is for the little one that just does not want to “let go”! There are lots and lots of tears. They are sensitive children who will respond to kind words and adult company. They crave reassurance and hugs. 


Arsenicum album: This child shows real fear with their anxiety, especially if separated. They may cope with their anxiety by being controlling or can get quite critical. Anxiety can be worse at nighttime –  they may wake after midnight. They can be quite restless and also thirsty. 


Call carb: A really great remedy if your child loves and craves routine. Anxiety worsens when plans change. They may show difficulty with “going with the flow”! Their expression of anxiety may come in the form of “stubbornness”. They are generally solid and dependable children. 


Ignatia: Not as frequently prescribed as the above remedies. A really useful remedy especially if there has been a recent bereavement and the child is quite upset and anxious since. It helps in processing and releasing the emotions.  Useful for children who are highly sensitive and prone to mood swings, they may have an emotional outburst when separated from their loved ones.  


Natrum muriaticum: Such a lovely remedy for children who are reserved and independent, but may become emotionally closed off when separated from their loved ones. They can be a little beyond their years and come across as quite serious. They may have social anxiety and a self protective shyness. 


If you find your child is really struggling or stuck in an emotional state, work with your homeopath to get the correct remedy. It can be quite difficult to treat your own children (I have my own homeopath for this!!) as we just can’t be objective when it comes to the ones we love the most 💕

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