Must have Remedies for Christmas 🎄

Christmas is often a stressful time especially if you have someone in the home sick. I thought I’d share my Top 5 remedies to help you with the most common ailments both physically & emotionally over this period. 

For general stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed, always have some Kali Phos tissue salts at hand. These are fast melt dissolvable tabs that work really fast on the nervous system. It’s action is at a cellular level meaning it regulates the cells and balances your nervous system. Kali Phos is vital for regeneration of nerve tissue. 

You can also put them in your water bottle and sip them throughout the day! 

Aconite – Extremely useful remedy for anxiety. Person feels extremely restless. Symptoms may come on suddenly especially after a shock or fright. They can be accompanied by strong palpitations, shortness of breath, and flushing of the face. Strong feelings of anxiety may also start when a person is just beginning to come down with a flu or cold so very useful to give at the first sight of someone getting sick – it can  help to “nip it in the bud”.

Arsenicum – Those times when someone inevitably comes down with a tummy bug. Symptoms come on fast. Patient suffers with diarrhea/vomiting or both. They will be chilly, restless and can sometimes feel faint with exhaustion. Their symptoms can be caused by food poisoning (spoilt food) or a virus. 

Nux Vomica – This is the tried and tested hangover remedy (can also add lycopodium & bryonia). Symptoms include headache, digestive upset or constipation. The person is extremely irritable. The headache is worse when you cough or bend down, and the headache is aggravated when you move your eyes.

Staphysagria – This is a really great emotional support for those who are having difficult interactions with family members. Person may have  suppressed emotions. Complaints from suppression of anger, indignation, person may be hiding an upset from some past injustice. Physical symptoms can be a head cold, stye or toothache that comes on suddenly. They may also feel low spirited or depressed. 

Phosphorus – Helpful remedy for those who are struggling with a lingering cough. The cough is typically a dry, persistent tickling cough, which is often worse in the evening or at night. With Phosphorus one of the main characteristics is the cough is aggravated by change of temperature or weather – as in going from a warm room outside into the cold air will bring on a fit of coughing

If you need the above remedies or feel you need another remedy during the Christmas period send me a message. 

Wishing everyone a lovely, healthy & happy Christmas ❤️

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