Taking the mystery out of “What happens when you go to a homeopath”

So many of my clients new to homeopathy are never really sure what it is! No it’s not osteopathy, It’s not herbal medicine, it’s not like acupuncture or Chinese medicine, and no it’s not aromatherapy or essential oils.

It’s a consultation that aims to get the full picture of your health concerns – not just one piece of the puzzle.

Your 1st consultation lasts approx 1 hour.

A full medical history is taken of your health concerns including all your current symptoms .

Homeopathy is an individualized medicine – meaning your prescription is tailored to you and your health. It is not a one size fits all approach.
Homeopathy is a natural medicine, it’s non toxic and non addictive Homeopathy does not contain harmful ingredients so there are no side effects.

It is safe during pregnancy and for infants and children.

As a homeopath I love listening, I have a passion to get to the root cause of your illness, I love dealing with children & recurring infections. I most all of want to help you on your journey to regain your health.


My 4yr old son who was permanently on antibiotics one after another for recurring ear infections. After seeing Annemarie and with her guidance and remedies she prescribed we were able to boost his immune system which helped him fight infections for himself. He hasn’t required any antibiotics since visiting Annemarie. His health has significantly improved. Many thanks Annemarie, Theo still hasn’t been sick and I’ll be forever grateful for you putting us on the right track.”

As a mother who was at wits end with my daughters medical condition being prescribed antibiotic after antibiotic and getting nowhere. I approached Annemarie through Facebook seeking advice and information about homeopathy. What can I say – I was met with understanding and professionalism. We haven’t looked back after meeting with Annemarie! Our daughters condition continues to improve with her help. The best decision we have made.

I went to see Annemarie with my son who was having difficulty in sensory regulation, which was coming out in huge emotional outbursts. The outbursts were happening at home as he was holding it together at school. Following visits with Annemarie (3 in total) and remedies, he is a much happier boy and home is calm. And he has gone off sugary foods, he is eating alot of fruit and veggies since!!



Menopause Support

I thought maybe Anne-Marie could help my menopause symptoms of hot flushes, sweating, inability to switch off. Help with falling asleep and not spend hours tossing and turning and feel rested in the morning. I had given HRT a try but I was putting on weight and although I was sleeping I never feel rested. After 3 consultations with Anne-Marie she has successfully treated my menopause symptoms and I feel great. I no longer wake up with at night sweating or have difficulty falling asleep. I feel more relaxed and less anxious. Long may it continue
Thanks Anne-Marie


After having 2 consultations with Annmarie  and providing me with alternative remedies I have to say this has been absolutely incredible ,I was suffering with some severe anxiety and fear which was taking over my life,The holistic approach of homeopathy caused me to reconsider everything that I thought I knew about health with the care and support provided by Annnarie my treatment has been very successful and feel like I’m getting myself back on track!

Totally recommended

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