Help clear vomiting bugs with homeopathy.

Tummy bugs will inevitably hit every household at one stage or another. They are also quite contagious so everyone seems to suffer once it has come into the household.
Always important to monitor symptoms carefully. Keeping hydrated when you are losing fluids through vomiting or diarrhea is essential. Electrolyte drinks can have a high sugar content so another alternative is coconut water which also contains potassium, sodium and manganese. .

Some of the most commonly used remedies are listed below. Consult your homeopath if you need help in deciding the most suitable remedy.

This is the first go to remedy when it comes to food poisoning or diarrhea

There is weakness, especially after diarrhea

Lots of  anxiety and restlessness

Patient feels chilly and possibly nauseas 

Vomiting & diarrhea at the same time 

Thirsty for small sips 

Stool may be burning/acidic


Worse 5am-6am

Abdomen feels heavy and full

Lots of gas, gurgling and cutting pains 

Better for cold applications 

There may be mucus in stool

Vomiting of undigested food

No relief from belching 

Worse from eating fruit  

Promotes recovery after fluid loss


Severe nausea which is not better from vomiting

Nausea may come on in waves

May feel faint after vomiting 


Patient may be anxious and also irritable

Chill with a fever 

Lots of retching 

Pains are cramping

Wants to but cannot vomit  


Vomiting 15-20 minutes after drinking even a small amount

May have a fever with an appetite 

Stool can be green with mucus 

Better from having cold drinks


Painless diarrhea with gushing stool

May shoot out

Stool may be yellow

They suffer great weakness after diarrhea 

As with all prescribing use the minimum dose and wait for improvement.

If you need the above remedies or want to know more on how homeopathy can help treat your family contact me for more details. 

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