Chicken pox and Homeopathy

Chickenpox is an acute viral illness in children called varicella-zoster virus. Symptoms can include fever, headache loss of appetite, general aches and pains. These are the initial stages which are then followed by skin lesions/rash and spots that cover different areas on the body. 


Chickenpox starts with a few red bumps or spots that change into blisters/pimples, then to open sores and eventually to crusting over and disappearing. 


Children can spread the virus without having any symptoms as it can take 5 days for the rash to appear. 


The different stages in this illness are important to note – 




This is when there are no symptoms present. The time the child has the virus and it begins to spread. This stage can last 10-21 days. 




The second phase – lasting 1-2 days. This is the time you’ll recognize a change. They may feel tired, run down, loss of appetite sore throat or headache. 

They are still contagious at this time. 




The characteristic rash appears at this stage. It can start with bumps on the face, chest or back and then spreads to the rest of the body. This is when they are most contagious. 




This is when the rash is at its most intense phase. There is alot of itch and discomfort at this stage. It can take up to 2 weeks for the rash to completely heal. 

Some homeopathic remedies to help 


Aconite – This is for the initial stage when you see the child is coming down with something. There may be a slight fever, headache or just general off form. There are no spots/rash at this stage. 


Rhus tox – This remedy is by far the most frequently used when it comes to chicken pox. There is intense itch that can be worse at night time and from scratching it. They are extremely restless and move constantly from the itch. They are usually chilly and the spots may be filled with clear mucus. 


Antimonium Crud – These spots are quite different – they are hard, thick with honey coloured crusts on them. The eruptions are large and slow to emerge. They are irritable that will be displayed as anger and through their behavior.


Apis – This rash has itching with stinging that is worse for heat or being in a warm room. They feel better in cold rooms and from cold applications. 


Antinmonium tartaricum – When there is a cough with chicken pox that is loose and rattling. There’s often no expectoration. The lesions may have a bluish tint to them. They are less irritable to the Antimonium Crud child. 


Pulsatilla – Give away sign for this remedy is when the child is weepy and clingy, they need lots of comfort and consolation. Heat aggravates their symptoms and they have very little thirst. 


Merc Viv – This remedy is quite often used when the lesions seem to be getting infected. There may be discharge with an odour or odour from their breath, metallic like smell. There may be sores in their mouth also that would indicate this remedy. 

Lots of rest and hydration is key when your child has chicken pox. Some topical creams can help ease the intensity of the itch. Below are a list of supplemental measures to try and ease their discomfort.


  • Calendula cream (do not use if you think lesions are infected) 
  • Oat baths to help with itching 
  • Baking soda is anti bacterial and anti inflammatory so adding it to a bath can also help with itch 
  • Chamomile compress (cold) can be very soothing if applied
  • Castor oil pack – Castor oil helps with the production of lymphocytes in the body, which are the immune system’s natural disease fighters. 


If you are not sure which remedy best suits your child reach out to your homeopath or contact me for more information. 

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