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How Can I Help You?

Babies and children

Childhood is the perfect time to introduce your child to homeopathy as the immune system is developing. All children are continuously exposed to bacteria and viruses, but a child with a strong immune system tends to “bounce back” quickly after an illness. Conversely, a child with a weakened immune system can be more vulnerable to colds, flu or more serious illnesses.

Women & Menopause

Whether your peri-menopause or in the throws of full blown hot flushes homeopathy can support your hormone system. During menopause our fluctuating hormone levels from high or low estrogen or progesterone cause an array of symptoms.  An individualized homeopathic prescription means your complete set of symptoms are tailored to. Balancing your hormone system, supporting your liver and lymphatic system is the goal for your homeopath. Everyone’s experience through menopause is different and so too is your homeopathic support remedy. 

Long-lasting health

Homeopathic medicines are prescribed following the analysis of an individual’s set of symptoms whereas allopathic or orthodox medicines are prescribed following the diagnosis of one specific illness or ailment. Taking all of your symptoms into account is a more holistic approach to your health. Working with your body and strengthening your defenses gives you a longer lasting result. Suppressing symptoms, over use of antibiotics and not dealing with the cause of illness keep you sick!

Raise your defences

Using homeopathic remedies means your getting an individualized prescription from your homeopath. Your unique set of symptoms and illness will be the focus for the homeopath. Detoxing and clearing your detox pathways will have your body working at its optimum. Lethargy, brain fog, recurring illness and lack of motivation are all signs that the body is not functioning at its optimum.

My name is Annemarie O’Shea.

I’m a fully qualified and registered Homeopath practicing in Cork, Ireland and worldwide with Zoom.

Like most homeopathic practitioners, it seems, we all started with that one remedy! That one moment where it was like a lightbulb going off in your head and you realized you had stumbled upon something quite amazing.


My work

Often times when we start something new there may be some apprehension. Let me assure you that this will not be one of those times! If you haven’t already availed of my free 15min meet and greet appointment please do. I will talk you through the process of working with me and how your health concerns will be addressed in a more holistic way. Homeopathy is an individualist medicine, it is not a one size fits all approach. If I have 3 patients suffering with migraines they will most likely need 3 different remedies. How we experience pain and illness is unique to us and homeopathy prescribes on that.

I love working with babies and children. They are perfect patients in my eyes, they do not hide their feelings! Every child is different and there is a remedy to suit all. Seeing how children who have been struggling with their health bounce back after treatment is the most important thing to me. Homeopathy aids in removing these health obstacles. It gives them the freedom to grow and experience life in a healthy state.


“My 4yr old son who was permanently on antibiotics one after another for recurring ear infections. After seeing Annemarie and with her guidance and remedies she prescribed we were able to boost his immune system which helped him fight infections for himself. He hasn’t required any antibiotics since visiting Annemarie. His health has significantly improved. Many thanks Annemarie, Theo still hasn’t been sick and I’ll be forever grateful for you putting us on the right track.”

I approached Annemarie after coming across her name in the local health shop. I took both my two year old daughter and 8 month old son for treatment, who were suffering from consent throat infections and bronchiolitis. Annmarie was lovely to deal with and was great with the children. After three months there was a huge improvement in both of them. There is no longer a need for anti biotics and I feel their immune systems are so much stronger. The baby has some sickness from time to time but Annmarie is always on hand and was quick to respond to my questions on how to treat him. Thank you Annemarie.

As a mother who was at wits end with my daughters medical condition being prescribed antibiotic after antibiotic and getting nowhere. I approached Annemarie through Facebook seeking advice and information about homeopathy. What can I say – I was met with understanding and professionalism. We haven’t looked back after meeting with Annemarie! Our daughters condition continues to improve with her help. The best decision we have made.

Shall we get started?

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