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Are you looking for a more natural and less chemical approach to your families health? Homeopathic treatment offers you a natural and holistic solution. It is an individualised treatment meaning it is tailored to your specific symptoms and needs. 

Taking a more natural approach to our children’s health has many long lasting benefits. With the rise in antibiotic resistence the awareness is there on the harmful effects caused from their over use and the impact they have had on our immune function. Homeopathic treatment takes account of  your specific symptoms and what your body needs as opposed to a general one size fits all approach.  It can be used during pregnancy, childbirth and with babies and children. 

Homeopathy can help children feel better in a general way, along with overcoming symptoms and lack of wellness related to allergies, skin problems, winter coughs and colds, tonsillitis, recurring conditions such as ear infections, chest infections, hyperactivity and concentration, teething pain, digestive disorders, and infant colic.

Because homeopathy treats the whole person, it is also a suitable approach for emotional and behavioural difficulties of all kinds.

So many of my patients choose homeopathic treatment for their children to avoid the need for long term and repeated use of stronger drugs, such as antibiotics and steroids.

If you would like to know how homeopathy can be used for your families health needs call for a free 15 minute consultation. 

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Annemarie O’Reilly Lic I.S.H, ISHom

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