I Just Took My First Remedy and I Don’t Know What to Expect!!!

So you have had your consultation and you have finally been prescribed your constitutional remedy. Well there are 4 possible reactions and responses you can experience.

– No Response (We don’t want that!)
– Healing (Yes please!)
– Aggravation (Can actually be a good thing!)
– Return of Old symptoms (An even better response!)

Let me explain all 4 in a little more detail. It’s good to know and have a base knowledge on these reactions and responses so you can learn for when you are home prescribing.

No Response

Having this response merely means that the remedy choice was not quite a full match for your symptoms. If after repeating the remedy there is no change your homeopath will reevaluate your case and may need to ask you some further questions.

It can also mean that the potency (strength) of the remedy is not high enough to meet that of your symptoms therefore causing no change. Again your homeopath can change the strength of your remedy and if necessary adjust the dosage.

It’s also common that as you have been in a state of suffering/illness for quite some time it is harder to recognize a gradual and gentle improvement either with physical or mental symptoms.

Homeopathy is such a gentle system of medicine. Patients often realize and learn how allopathic medicine was just a quick fix and didn’t ever get to the root cause!


This can be a gradual ease of symptoms or a “feeling” of being better on an emotional/mental level. It is an indication that the remedy and the potency was a good match for your system. Your homeopath may assess treatment and if repeating the remedy is necessary. If progress continues then repeating the remedy is unnecessary at this point.


In this situation your symptoms may temporarily worsen. The remedy choice may be a correct match but your sensitivity to the remedy is high.

It may also indicate the correct remedy choice has been given but the potency/strength is too much for your system. Homeopathic aggravation may often last only a few hours. Some patients report an improvement in the mental/emotional well-being during the aggravation.

An aggravation is often followed by an improvement or resolution of your condition.

Return of old symptoms

This is what most of my clients are initially unsure of hearing! Once you understand the homeopathic process and have a little shift in your perspective of overall health and well being this is seen as a positive outcome.

If this response happens it indicates that the correct remedy has been chosen and your on your way to healing. The symptoms that may return may be an old injury, ache or even an emotional memory. For whatever reason these symptoms may have been suppressed or never quite fully recovered. The body is now bringing you back to health and balance. You will experience these old symptoms with less intensity and duration than previous.

Many of us have suppressed our symptoms for years and even decades. Whether it be cough/cold medication, steroids, antibiotics or immunosuppressants – this has in a way re-routed our natural and innate healing capabilities.

When a homeopathic remedy is given that stimulates healing it is in effect spring cleaning and reprogramming our system.

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