What can I give my teething baby?

Teething is different for every child so it makes sense that each child needs a different homeopathic remedy. Some children get through it without too much pain while others struggle with sleep, appetite, gum pain and general discomfort.

More than just gum pain….

Teething can also bring with it other symptoms that seem unrelated to this stage of development. Nappy rash, lingering coughs, drooling, constant nasal discharge or fluctuating fevers can all come with teething. It’s important to observe what symptoms your baby Is experiencing with each stage of teething from baby teeth to canine & molars. This gives your homeopath the information they need to come to the best suited remedy. Homeopathy helps not just with the pain and physical symptoms but also with the mental and emotional symptoms that come with teething. Some babies can become quite clingy and upset, wanting to be literally attached at the hip with you. Others become so irritable and angry they may not even want you to look at them! I normally suggest that we don’t just treat the teething baby but also mama too – it’s a draining stage that affects a parent’s sleep and emotional state. 


Pulsatilla – The clingy child that wants to be outside

This is the classic clingy baby. You will literally not be able to leave the room, they almost need to see you at all times. Biting on something cold often helps.  Anything warm seems to increase discomfort. Cool food and drinks or being out in open air also bring improvement. Symptoms are changeable whether it is their mood, nappies or runny nose. The love to be up in your arms or gently rocked, they respond to kindness and affection. They don’t appear thirsty but lips mouth may be dry. They may have constant discharge from their nose – yellow or green. 

ChamomillaOne red cheek and one pale

This is the opposite picture to Pulsatilla – this child most certainly is not weepy or clingy. They are irritable and angry. It seems no matter what you do it’s not right. They want things and then will throw them across the room the next second.

They are so sensitive to the pain that it is just not tolerated. They want to be held and carried around but after a while this no longer comforts them and you will need to come up with something else. When held they want to be rocked quite fast and strong, not just gently held! Once you stop they will let you know this is also not tolerated as they will scream and cry until you start again. Some physical symptoms include a flushed face on one side, stools are loose and greenish, usually worse in the evening time and they do not like to be hot. 

Call Carb – Slow, difficult and delayed teething

This picture of the child is quite different. It’s a slow dentition process. Teething can start later than expected and it takes quite a long time for the tooth to cut through. Babies who need this remedy are usually slow to crawl or walk, have big appetites and their heads often sweat during naps or sleep at night.

The baby may seem sad or anxious with the pain, making chewing motions and pressing their gums together, often even while sleeping. 

Belladonna – Sudden, red and burning pains

This baby suffers teething in a different way. Symptoms can come on suddenly, there is a lot of heat with temperature or general red and burning pains. This also applies to the gums with intense pain and red, burning hot cheeks. They are not very thirsty and will be highly sensitive, especially touch. They want to chew on something which makes them feel better. Their temperature may be sudden, they will have a high fever, their eyes will have a glassy look with the pupils dilated. 

Podophyllum – Teething with diarrhea 

This is a lesser known remedy but can give instant relief if the symptoms match. They like to press their guns together during teething to get some relief. The keynote however for this remedy is when the teething baby has diarrhea. It can be watery, yellow and profuse. The diarrhea is worse in warmer weather, after eating acid fruits and between 4am-5am. It’s quite a distinctive remedy picture because of the diarrhea which can be of large quantities and explosive! It’s definitely one to pack if going to a warmer climate on holidays with a teething baby!

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