“Love your Liver during Menopause”

Your liver is one of the hardest working organs in our bodies. It’s continuously working behind the scenes dealing with everything we ingest and digest! 

Role of the liver 

There are more than 500 vital functions now identified as being part of the role of the liver. However some of the main functions are – 

  • Production of bile which breaks down and  takes away waste products and also fats.
  • Produces Albumin – an important protein found in our blood. It carries hormones, vitamins and minerals throughout our body. 
  • Resists infections – the liver removes bacteria from the bloodstream. It also makes immune factors which are at the ready if infection occurs.
  • Storing of Vitamins & Minerals –  The liver stores significant amounts of vitamins A, D, E, K, and B12, as well as iron and copper.
  • Detoxing the body and clearing the blood of harmful substances including drugs, medications, alcohol or any other poisonous substance. 
  • Regulating amino acids – the level of amino acids needs to be regulated to produce proteins. The liver makes sure the level of amino acids in the bloodstream is healthy.
  • Regulates blood clotting – Vit K is needed for coagulating the blood and can only be absorbed with the help of bile (produced in the liver) 
  • Process Glucose- it’s the liver that removes  excess glucose (sugar) from our bloodstream. It converts it to glycogen which it then stores and can convert again to glucose when needed.     

Considering the mammoth task the liver does on a daily basis, its job during menopause is even more tasking!! It is believed that more than 50% of all estrogen metabolism occurs in the liver. Having excess oestrogen can cause any of the following symptoms – 

  • Irregular menses
  • Breast swelling and tenderness
  • Mood problems
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss
  • Fatigue or insomnia

Maintaining a healthy liver that can keep up with the task during menopause is hugely beneficial. 

When you consider just some of the symptoms of menopause  – 

Aches & pains


Sleep disturbances

Skin issues 

These are all also symptoms of an overtaxed liver that needs support. Working on detoxing the liver with homeopathy can bring about an improvement in your menopause symptoms. 

Supporting your liver 

There are lots of simple day to day tools you can use to improve liver health. 

  • Eating varied fruits & vegetables which make it easier for your liver to function. When we eat raw fruits & vegetables we are supplying the liver with excellent sources of antioxidants which support and nourish the liver
  • Drinking water – Spring water preferably as it’s in its natural state. Also water with lemon juice (lemons are high in Vit C & antioxidants). These help to neutralize toxins in the liver, aid in digestion while also helping in the production of Glutathione (protects the body from damage to cells by free radicals).  
  • Exercise – when we exercise we are stimulating the lymphatic system which is like the “hazardous waste disposal” of the body. The lymph fluid carries waste/destroyed bacteria back into the bloodstream and the liver then removes it from the blood. The lymph system needs to be “pumped/activated” so exercise, especially rebounding exercise does this. 
  • Sleep – During sleep is when the liver is hard at work! Ever wake up between 1am-3am? This is when the liver is cleansing and toxins are being released. If you are continuously waking during this time your liver may need support. 

Homeopathic remedies to help

As homeopathy is an individualized medicine your liver support remedy may be different to someone else’s remedy. Going through your specific set of symptoms and issues will be what will lead your homeopath to the most suitable remedy for you. 

Some of the most frequently prescribed remedies to support the liver are – 

Nux vomica – irritable, always chilly, susceptible to headaches, over indulgence in foods/drinks and possible medications, over sensitive especially to noise. 

Lycopodium – extremely irritable & anxious, low self esteem, pains in lower back (right), excess flatus (bloated) and constipation.

Berberisnausea before breakfast, pains that wander from area to area, great for kidney stones & colic pains, headaches (tightness sensation).

Chelidonium – constipation (small pellets), pain under right shoulder, craving for heat and also hot drinks, tongue may have thick, yellow coating.

If you would like a personalized plan to help support your liver and improve your symptoms through menopause please reach out and send me a message. 

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