How homeopathy can help your baby through colic

Colic is so distressing, especially if you are a first time parent. I had first hand experience with this and was so thankful someone introduced me to homeopathy!

What is colic?

Colic is defined as “frequent, prolonged and intense crying or fussiness”. It seems such a general explanation that leaves parents with little or no solutions.

Practical tips –

Some practical tips include abdominal massage in clockwise motions, holding the baby across your knees so there is no pressure on the abdomen, put a warm or heated blanket across their tummy, move legs in a bicycle like motion when changing nappies/diapers and carry baby after a feed to help with “wind/gas”.

It is worth noting that keeping a diary of the new foods introduced as they move to solids is a really good idea. This helps identify any allergies or intolerances. A pre or probiotic has also been proven to be beneficial to the digestion system.

How I see it – 

As the digestive tract matures conventionally the view is – that these babies seem to “grow out” of the intense discomfort of colic. Unfortunately the link that these infants go on to suffer with other digestive issues as they get older is overlooked.
It’s all too common in clinic to see young children with food intolerances, IBS, IBD, coeliac, chronic constipation or diarrhea. When taking a medical history I have found these children began their life with digestive issues with either colic or reflux.
There is a more holistic view on this and it is a great example of how a homeopath see’s symptoms.
The body is more than a set of parts, each symptom is a guide. In the case of colic and its symptoms it is guiding us to a bigger picture involving a weakened or sensitive digestive system. Supporting and repairing this system is what a homeopath is looking to do, not just remove the symptoms.

My Top 3 remedies for Colic – 

Chamomilla First remedy we think of. Baby is really irritable, screaming and generally unsettled. One cheek can be red, baby wants to be constantly rocked/carried. Pain focused in the naval region and abdomen may be distended.

Dioscorea – this picture fits when the baby feels better from bending backwards. They arch their backs, pain comes in waves often with gas & burping. Pains seems to be worse in the morning. They want to be held upright and definitely do not want to be laid down. 

Colocynthis: these babies can look really anxious, they feel relief from being carried tummy down on your arm. Firm pressure seems to help like having them on your shoulder. They tend to bring knees up to their abdomen and are worse in later afternoon 4pm onwards. They may have a bloated abdomen and green diarrhea. 

While there are so many others remedies that can help with these symptoms having a consultation with a homeopath helps get to the underlying issue, the root cause if you like. Starting your infant on a constitutional remedy is the best option.
As mentioned above something like colic is not an isolated symptom, the whole digestive system is looking for support. Working with a homeopath as early as possible helps in dealing with the root cause of colic.

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