How can I help my baby with a fever?

Having some go to homeopathic remedies at hand when your little ones spike a fever can be a game changer! We are all too aware of the overuse of antibiotics and the effect these have had in our children’s immunity and overall gut health. Treating with homeopathy and strengthening your child’s immune reserves aids in increasing their ability to fight infection.


A fever is simply the body’s defense against infection. It activates the body’s immune system. I think we now have a better understanding of the importance of your child having a fever and its purpose but also your child’s ability to produce a fever. This is often taken for granted but having a robust immune system that can mount an attack and produce a fever & antibodies should not be overlooked. 

Some of my frequently used remedies when fever strikes!


Fever that comes after exposure to cold, dry weather great anxiety, want for cold drinks


Fever with influenza, great muscular soreness, chills mixed with heat, dizziness can also be present, child is not thirsty


Alternating pale face with redness, best used in early stages of fever, predisposition to colds and sore throat


Fever where the slightest movement aggravates, patient may be irritable and angry, will want to lay-down


Fevers that come and go, worse from light, noise, odors, patient is worse from slightest pressure/touch


Red hot skin, flushed red face ,throbbing pain, eyes glassy and hands & feet can be cold

If you would like to know which remedies best suit your child’s particular fever book in for an acute so you will be at the ready next time they fall ill.

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